Tabuk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (TPMC) was founded in 1994 in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia to manufacture and market a wide range of high quality generic brand pharmaceutical products. We also manufacture a number of products under license from reputable multinational pharmaceutical companies.

To date, we have developed over 200 of our own branded products covering a broad range of therapeutic categories in our state-of-the-art production facilities in Tabuk that comply with stringent international standards. We have an extensive quality control and assurance system, operated by highly skilled employees with advanced training to guarantee that all products meet high quality standards and adhere to stringent industry and regulatory requirements.

We have also been able to develop and expand on our line of products through our well-resourced Research & Development department.

In 2010, we expanded our production facilities via the acquisition of an 80% interest in a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Sudan. The acquired plant is being revamped to expand its capacity and product range.

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