Al Tanmiya for Steel Industries is a Jordanian offshore holding company that fully owns the Al Anmaa Co. for Constructional Material Production. Al Anmaa operates a steel plant in KhorAl-Zubair, Basra governorate, in the south of Iraq. 

Al-Tanmiya is jointly owned by Astra Industrial Group, Saudi Arabia; Al-Massira International Co., Jordan; and Mr. Ali Fadhel Shamara from Shamara Group, Jordan. 

The major stakeholder (51%), Astra Industrial Group (AIG) is one of the leading conglomerates in Saudi Arabia that operates throughout the MENA region in the fields of pharmaceuticals, steel construction and specialty chemicals. 

Mr. Ali Fadhel Shamara is the Chairman and CEO of Shamara Group, a group of well established companies in the fields of power generation, oil and gas, industrial investment, telecommunications, steel manufacturing, infrastructure construction and property development in Iraq. Shamara Group has been in business over 6 decades.